Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Happy Holidays

Hi everybody.

I’m posting the first of what I hope becomes an ongoing family history in words and pictures that everyone contributes to. If we all post something once per week, it will allow us to keep tabs with everything going on within our family. I’m hoping to see lots of pictures of Leeann and her boys, and, of course, tons of Grace. And Leeann, can you post some pictures of your house for those of us who have never seen it? If you come across old family photos, I would love seeing them posted as well. This is also a place I can post my travel pics when Herman and I are on the road.

I’ll send out posting instructions and passwords by email, so get your pictures ready.

We celebrated Vera's birthday a little early this year. I'm assuming that was so that Herman and I could attend, as we’ll be on our way to Las Vegas on the 21st. Thanks Gail, Sharon, and Mom for doing that. We had a wonderful time: dinner was scrumptious and it was great to see Michael and Sharon’s new digs.

Also wanted to include a heartfelt note of thanks to Gail for all the time and effort that went into creating the family DVD show. That is the most thoughtful gift I’ve received in many years. I will cherish it. Many, many thanks.

I’ll post pictures of Herman and I and Don and Jeff in Las Vegas, so you all can see how crazy that place gets over the holidays. Merry Christmas to all, and have a happy and safe and prosperous new year.

Oh, and here's mom on her honeymoon and dad on his ass.

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